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3 Tips to get rid of Back Pain

While Driving to Your Patients

In today’s ever-growing and hyper-speed world, it is nearly impossible to reach the desired destination without a car. It is not a luxurious whim anymore; it is a must: the easiest way to cover miles and miles within short hours. Yet, a long and multi-hour drive can cause a kind of discomfort, such as neck pain, back pain, tired mind, lack of concentration, etc.

back pain is the most spread complaint of people who spend long periods of time behind the wheel. It’s particularly common for people who drive long distances to work or whose working day includes long drives. Actually, two main reasons can affect your back:

a) sitting in a car in the same position for hours

b) uncomfortable posture for extended periods

Yet, these are not the only reasons. Job conditions also contribute.Take nurses, for example. They wake up so early in the morning, they drive hours to reach the workplace, they work in stressful and tensed atmosphere all the time, they take care of patients. These external conditions make nurses targets of back pain. Long drives plus difficult job conditions; congratulations! Back pain welcomes you!

Have you ever experienced back pain while driving?Have you felt that driving becomes unbearable and yet a full working day is ahead? If yes, then do not even dare to ignore the pain. Start getting over it right now. Do not hesitate to use these three very easy tips to make your life better and pain-free.

Surround yourself with comfort

As a nurse, you try to surround your patients with as much care as possible, right? You make their lives comfy and cozy and happy. But if you have a lower back pain and if you do not care for yourself first, who else will do that for you? Plus, you might even miss work at some point if things start to get more serious. So, if your back pain is caused by those long drives, make sure to get a good and comfortable driving posture.

It's not that difficult. Look, adjust your seat so that you sit straight with a slight recline. Keep a 100-degree angle, otherwise, your neck and back will be tensed. Adjust the mirrors to save your back and neck from extra tension.

Still not comfortable? Then take a car seat cushion and put it behind your back. If no cushion at hand, then a rolled towel will be another good solution. Stay fit behind the wheel and let your body feel relaxed and comfortable while driving.

Move your body

Do not be still while driving. Never sit extremely tensed and motionless behind the wheel. Feel relaxed, move your hands and neck from time to time. Sitting still can paralyze your spine. And, as a result, your spine might later react rather painfully to movements. Try to do exercises every half an hour or at every stop. Stretch your hands up and down, then turn from left to the right and vice versa.

By the way, turn on your favorite music and just move to the sounds while driving. Also, find time to do some exercise whenever possible. Imagine, you have treated your patients and have 10 minutes to have a break. Drink coffee, enjoy your chocolate and just stand behind the wall, with your hands stretched up for 2 minutes. This will completely relax your spine, your body and take away the possibility of pain. Just move. Motion is life. Such approach will ease and even prevent all kinds of back pain.

Stay active

Days full of hard work, with a lot of patients, who affect you physically and mentally, can lead to stress, bad mood, lack of motivation and all kinds of pain. These factors can become serious obstacles on the way of success in nursing career. Get rid of all these unpleasant feelings by staying active.

Do your favorite sport, at least once a week. Go swimming, running, just walk, breath fresh air, eat tasty food, listen to good music, communicate with positive people. Take care of your sleep, cause good sleep is vital for physical and mental balance. Let all negative mental and physical pains go away. Pamper your body and mind!

Each problem has a certain solution, thus getting rid of back pain is a matter of several pleasant activities. All you need to avoid back pain before, while and after driving is to follow some easy steps, like adjusting your driving position, enjoying yourself on roads by doing simple exercises and listening to motivating music or just having active weekends doing sport and all the things that make you feel good, happy and relaxed. Stay positive and pain-free.