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8 Types Of Nurses You'll Meet at Work

Nurses are the backbones of hospitals. There are nice ones and of course the ones who do not take bullshit, you know, those badass gals. Everyone has different views about nurses but the thing is that nurses are really really really very different personalities. And thus, as a nurse, you will meet so many types of them at work. Let’s see the X types of nurses you’ll meet at work:

The Rudie

Oh yeah, you better stay away from these ladies. You know why? Some nurses at the hospital could win an award for being extremely rude. They often act like you owe them a million. If you don’t want to see your whole day ruined, just stay away. And by saying “stay away” I mean it. Don’t even ask them anything.

The Bureaucrat

Often, you will meet a type of nurses who would blindly stick to hospital policies even when there is a need to make one’s own decisions to save a patient’s life. So, make sure you run away from this type and don’t ask for help when you urgently need it.

The Tip Aficionado

These people just love being tipped for anything they do. They don’t get the idea that they are already receiving a salary for doing what they have to do. However, for you as a nurse, these gals are not so dangerous. They just do their job and expect a little bit cash from the patients or their relatives. That’s kind of OK most of the time.

The All-knowing

She thinks she knows everything, even the doctors cannot compare with her. This nurse acts like she is the nurse, the doctor, the pharmacist all in one. But you know, sometimes, they do know a few things. So, if you make friends with them, you might get the chance to learn from them as well. Just don’t adopt that “I know everything” behavior, all right?

The Helper

This is really the angelic type. She loves being polite and answering all your questions and being helpful. Really, cannot say anything bad about these people.

The Equipment Owner

OK, she seems like owning everything - the thermometer, the IV pump, the bladder scanner. You will have to ask her for things.

The Tidiness Freak

This one loves to have everything in their places. And, oh, her handwriting. It’s nearly perfect. No one can copy it. You better stay away from her, too!

The Indifferent

“Hey, your patient is trying to get out of the bed again!”

“Your patient’s family wants to talk to you now!”

Well, this type of person is really hard to stress out.


These are the 8 types of nurses you might meet at work. Make sure to get ready to face the difficult colleagues if any. Your job is to provide top-notch nursing services to your patients. And the bullies or the no-so-good nurses should not be something you care about. Good luck with your everyday struggle, girl!

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