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What does a Typical Day

for a Home Health Nurse Look Like?

Home Health Nursing is a good alternative for people who do not need critical hospital care or who prefer to be taken care of in their cozy home place.

A Home Health Nurse’s job is to take care of the patients beyond the hospital. This sounds very responsible, right? And it is! It is quite challenging and rewarding as well.

Nurses must be mentally and physically experienced to carry out such kind of job. Because nursing is not only about checking blood pressure, medicine observance or wound treatment. It's more about helping patients to get over their diseases and health problems with a positive attitude and belief.

Home Health Nurses are ordinary people. They just choose to devote their time and one-to-one attention to those who need them at their homes.

Each day is rather varied and is a new challenge for home health nurses. No day can be stamped as typical; there are only typical actions performed during a day. Home Health Nursing gives nurses an opportunity of a flexible schedule. So, they can have several patients at a time and visit two, three and even six of them in a day. Usually, a nurse's day starts early depending on how many patients they must visit on that day. First, they take a look at the patent's papers, and then they check their to-do list. A cup of coffee or tea and off the road.

If the road is long, a nurse usually turns on the radio. Relaxing and motivational music is a perfect start to the day.

So, the nurse reaches the first patient. It’s a lady in her sixties. She has just recovered after a heart attack. Home Health Nurse's duty, in this case, is to check temperature, pulse and blood pressure, then hear her lungs to be on the safe side. The nurse must be quick, but accurate.

After providing the lady with all the necessary medicine, the nurse also accompanies her in everyday walking prescribed by the doctors. Such visits usually do not take long. So, the nurse says bye to the patient and heads toward the next one.

On their way, the nurse grabs a bite cause it’s already lunchtime.

A man of about 70 is awaiting her. He has recently taken surgery on his stomach. So, he is in the post-operational recovery period.

This visit takes much longer: the nurse must make sure the patient eat well. Afterward comes wound cleaning. A bit later the dropper should be put.

This is a good time to have a little chat with the patient: maybe about football or sports in general. After they are done with the dropper, it’s time to walk a bit.

It’s about 3 p.m. and the last patient is waiting for the nurse to arrive. On the way to the last patient, the nurse manages to have a cup of coffee.

The third patient has got a wound as a result of an injection, so the nurse must only clean the wound and that’s it.

At about 5 p.m., the nurse has to fetch the kids from school and head home.

Being a home health nurse requires huge energy and devotion. You just need to make sure that your patients’ lives have no interference with yours. The time passed with them should by no means negatively affect your lifestyle or your mood. One more thing to remember: while taking care of others’ health, do not forget to take care of yours, too.

  • Try to keep fit.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Live positively.

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